Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigation of mutation using gamma rays on safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) plant to createdesirable ornamental traits    M.Sc.    mehran hatami gurbandi    1399/10/10
2    Study and determination selection index in combinations of hybrid single cross in Maize seedL.)    M.Sc.    hadi mirzazadeh    1398/11/26
3    Preparation and Evaluation of Properties of ChitosanCollagen Nanofiber Membrane Containing Curcumin prepared by Electrospinning for use in wound dressing    M.Sc.    mohadese golandi    1398/06/27
4    Designing of soybean ideotype using CROPGRO simulation model    M.Sc.    zobeideh moradian    1397/09/13
5    Production of the recombinant chimeric peptide, Lactoferrampin-Lactoferricin of camel milk in different expression systems and its bioactivity evaluation    Ph.D    abas tanhaeian    1397/07/02
6    Tetraploidy production in Sorghum bicolor L. Moench using cholchicin treatment    M.Sc.    Ibrahim Hmidech    1397/06/07
7    Study the possibility of increasing some pharmaceutical terpenoid indole alkaloids in Catharanthus roseus by over-expression of CrMYC1 transcription factor    Ph.D    Sima Sazegari    1397/04/12
8    Genetic analysis of resistance to Sclerotinia basal stem rot disease in oily sunflower (Helianthus annuus l.) using genomic and transcriptomic approaches    Ph.D    Rashid Paknia    1396/10/05
9    Biochemical and molecular analysis of desalination from saltwater using microalgae    Ph.D    salehe ganjali    1396/06/29
10    Biometric studies and assess variation in morpho- physiology and phenology traits in someof genotypes of Mashhad Lentil Collection (MLC)    M.Sc.    PORYA FARAYE    1396/06/28
11    Exploring the possibility of removal of cadmium by Spirulina Platensis Algae    M.Sc.    aazam fazeli nejad    1396/06/26
12    Callus and cell suspension cultures of rosemary(Rosemarinus officinalis) and application of acetylsalicylic acid and methyl jasmonate elicitors on production of pharmaceutical metabolites    M.Sc.    mahdiyeh ehsanbakhsh    1395/06/31
13    Identification and study of expression pattern of genes involved in monoterpene and sesquiterpene biosynthesis pathways in Ocimum basilicum under drought stress    Ph.D    fatemeh khakdan    1395/06/29
14    Evaluation of gene action and heritability of important traits in chickpea (cicer airetinum L.)by generation mean and variance analysis.    M.Sc.    kiyanoush zangane    1395/06/20
15    study of degeneration in Agaricus bisporus    M.Sc.    milad rabbani    1394/11/07
16    Investigating the bank of ESTs related to salt tolerance in Aeluropus littoralis, to identification, isolation and annotation new salt tolerance genes    Ph.D    Khalil Malekzadeh    1394/10/22
17    Comparison of Some Molecular Aspects of salt-induced Oxidative Stress in Aeluropus (Aeluropus littoralis L.) and Rice (Oriza sativa L.)    Ph.D    Masoud Fakhrfeshani    1394/10/14
18    Scrutiny of polyploidy Induction possibility in Chlorella vulgaris for increasing lipid and improving biodiesel production    M.Sc.    seyed mohamadmahdi sajjadi attar    1394/06/31
19    Optimization of hairy root production in Atropa belladonna and studying the effect of methyl jasmonate on atropin and scopolamine    M.Sc.    maryam kheradmand    1394/06/31
20    Quantitative expression analysis of two candidate genes ( Hva22 and Cap-lea2 ) in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes in response to drought sterss    M.Sc.    ali asghar sedaqati    1393/12/26
21    Identification of viruses infecting Canola in Razavi Khorasan province and Investigation of Turnip crinkle virus (TCV) with model host    Ph.D    Mohammad Ali Sabokkhiz    1393/10/03
22    The evaluation of genes expression pattern and metabolite production in biosynthesis pathway of polyploidy hariy root cultures of hyoscyamus muticus in response to elicitation methyljasmonate    M.Sc.    zeinab hassanpour karani    1393/09/24
23    Evaluation of interaction of ABC multidrug transporters MDR1 and ABCG2 with effective components of black cumin Thymoquinone (TQ): substrates and/or inhibitors?    M.Sc.    Zeynab Naserifar    1393/08/21
24    Study of heritability in five bread wheat cultivars using diallel crosses for some morphological traits    M.Sc.    ghasem yarkhah samaghche    1392/11/02
25    Early recognition of sex in Ginkgo biloba using RAPD and SCAR markers    M.Sc.    seyed masih etemad aubi    1392/06/31
26    Enhancement of scopolamine production in Hyoscyamus senecionis through metabolic engineering    Ph.D    esmail dehghan    1392/06/31
27    Evaluation of effect of extract of some Iranian landrace plants on virulence factor genes & molecular signaling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa    M.Sc.    Ehsan Sepahi Karnave    1392/06/27
28    Molecular Characterization of Pre-harvest sprouting of seeds in different wheat cultivars using molecular markers    M.Sc.    seyyed jamaledin taghipour    1392/03/01
29    Investigation of DNA changes in wheat (Triticum aestivum ) induced by cadmium using RAPD analysis    M.Sc.    akbar azimi    1390/11/15
30    Molecular identification of polyphenol oxidase activity in some commen Iranian wheat cultivars using STS Marker    M.Sc.    amir amini    1390/06/30